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Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up

Pablo Picasso


At Zulleon we specialise in creating and developing great play experiences for kids. We are not constrained by a single medium and instead strive to create a fully rounded experience for children where their fun and creativity can flourish in both the real and digital world.

We have partnered with some of the brightest and most talented people from around the globe to help bring our products to life, and our passion for creativity and play means that only the absolute best will do.

Our products allow kids to be kids. We provide great play experiences for children while also fostering a love of creativity and imagination that we hope will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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Noel & Luz
Co-founders of Zulleon

Noel and Luz are a husband and wife team who have created numerous toys and games products which have sold millions of units globally. They are dedicated to inventing products that enhance children’s lives and help foster creativity. As well as creating great play experiences, Noel and Luz are also published authors of a children’s book series. That love of reading and literacy has manifested itself in the creation of OOKS and BOOKEY WOOKEYS –both of which aim to give children a genuine love of books that will last a lifetime.

Lead Producer

Emmet is the Lead Producer at Zulleon and has a background in animation, game design, and production management. His day to day work involves scheduling, pipeline, and managing the team (or “wrangling cats” as he calls it) but he is also heavily involved in development and design of any new Zulleon creations. When he’s not in work he can usually be found hunched over a shiny new board game.

Laura Jane
Art Director

Laura Jane is the Art Director at Zulleon and has a background in classical animation and illustration. She has worked on various TV shows for Disney Jnr, Disney XD, and CBBC and has also illustrated a number of children’s books. LJ is in charge of creating and overseeing the development and visual style of all Zulleon creations. She also really likes cats.

Online Community Manager

Yvonne has a background in online content creation and social media management. At Zulleon she manages all aspects of online communication and oversees all content released through Ooks HQ and on our different social channels. She consistently builds the Ooks fan base to ensure a strong relationship with the Zulleon kids community. When not in work, she can be found snapping random, quirky photos or sampling different chocolate bars.


We’re dedicated to creating great content and products that kids will love and that their parents can trust. Everything we create has a heart and brings something special to our audience. Whether it’s a love of books, a tool to kindle the spark of creativity, or allowing children to help enrich the lives of other kids their age, a Zulleon creation aims to give something back to the world.


OOKS are crazy little critters full to bursting with STORY STUFF! They are the stars of an awesome NEW brand for boys and girls age 5-9 launching in Summer 2017.

OOKS are all about keeping children safe in the digital world while empowering them to tell and create amazing stories through play.


Bookey Wookeys

The world of the Bookey-Wookeys is a joyful, exciting place where brand-new books are dreamed up every day. Bursting with fun, creativity and just a touch of craziness, this is a world which lives to tell stories, and to fire children’s imaginations with a love of reading.

In Bookey-Wookey World, every child is inspired to love and cuddle a book! Here you’ll meet the colourful, comical Bookey-Wookeys, as they set off on madcap quests to create new stories.

Bookey Wookeys will be aimed at pre-school kids and will foster a love of reading and storytelling by allowing the child to literally cuddle-a-book!
Coming 2018!



We feel sharing thoughts and ideas is the best way to learn and grow. Our blog is an insight into everything going on at Zulleon. Have a read to learn more about how we work.


We want to hear from you! Whether it is about one of our products or us as a company we’re always happy to chat, so why not get in touch with us?

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At Zulleon we look for only the most talented and creative people to join our team. You must be driven, dedicated, and passionate about who we are and what we do. If you think that’s you, then read on!

We’re hiring! If you would like to join our fun, creative and passionate team click the button below check out our open positions. Be sure to include an up to date CV as well as any relevant showreels, websites, and blogs.

We endeavour to respond to all applicants within 2 – 4 weeks. If you do not hear from us, please feel free to contact us again and give us a nudge.