Digital Storytelling and Creative Apps

20 May 2016

Storytelling has been used as a teaching tool for thousands of years. It is an especially popular communication tool amongst children that encourages their cognitive and social development and expands their creativity. We all remember being read to as a child; it was a special experience that exposed us to fantasy lands and whimsical characters, undoubtedly igniting creative thoughts and ideas in our heads. That is what storytelling is all about!

Here at OoksHQ, we are all too aware of the importance of stories in the lives of children. With the world becoming more technologically advanced with each passing day, it is important for traditional practices to transform with the altering times in order to survive. This is where digital storytelling and creatively-driven children’s apps really shine and become significant.
f79f42e8-4ea6-4828-9672-0350b8e8c747Digital storytelling is essentially the traditional method of performing a narrative combined with the modern technology of today. It presents children with an exciting opportunity to create their own piece of media and encourages them to question things whilst also learning that the sky’s the limit!  Not only is storytelling an incredibly social experience, it also improves early literacy, encourages communication, sharpens memory and ultimately inspires children to write pieces of their own!


The Ooks are walking stories; the content we put out for the kids to engage with varies hugely- this means that there is something for every child! In many instances, the child is presented with a concept or a story and they are encouraged to ask questions and respond. Children are often shy or afraid to ask questions; the Ook world offers a fun environment that banishes this fear and encourages the kids to interact with both the story and one another. The way in which they respond to these stories is also down to them; they can write responses, draw responses, use stickers, pictures, or a combination of everything!


The Ooks and their crazy world undoubtedly require a child’s attention and activities within the game frequently test their memory and knowledge of characters and their personalities. We are surprised time and time again at just how observant and bright our followers are; often they remember the tiniest, most obscure details about these Ooks whom they’ve grown so attached to! Apps like these stimulate the mind whilst also sharpening the memory. The Ooks world changes continuously – characters feature in different stories and environments and the children are encouraged to recall facts about them from previous situations. The diverse collection of Ooks and their personalities mirror the uniqueness of each child who enters their world. There is an Ook for every child to relate to; whether they have a love for fashion, music, gaming, reading, eating or just being silly!




Ultimately, creative games and apps that revolve around storytelling and utilising the imagination see a lot of their users go on to produce their own stories. When children become invested in characters and their worlds, they start to think of ways that they can alter and personalise things. The Ooks world is all about initiating and inspiring writing amongst children. Children are the world’s most underestimated storytellers and apps like ours fixate on amplifying their creative voices and ideas!  




The future of storytelling remains bright and ever-changing. Now, more than ever it is vital for parents to spur their children to read, write and create- OoksHQ makes this easily achievable and fun! Digital storytelling and literacy apps are offering to children and their parents so much variation and choice; empowering young ones to become powerful communicators and creators of media. As Robert McKee said; “storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today”. It is an essential skill that has always been taught to people from the earliest stages of their lives and fortunately, digital progression promises to continue this and promote its importance globally!


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Thanks for reading! Niamh