Story Adventure

13 May 2016

As you have probably already noticed, here at OoksHQ we’re mad about stories! Storytelling is so important for the development of young imaginations and creative reasoning, and we emphasise this importance through our daily posts and activities over on Popjam.

story adventure

As mentioned in one of our previous posts, our ‘Ookified’ competitions are extremely popular with the kids and always succeed in getting them to think and create. Another consistent hit with the Ooksters is our Story Adventure which takes place every other week in tune with our ‘Ookified’ contests. Story Adventures are perfect for kids who may feel overwhelmed when coming up with creative descriptions and characteristics for a new Ook. The child is presented with two options at each stage of the adventure thus giving them a feeling of creative control without the pressure of coming up with traits for a blank Ook.


story adventure


The format of a typical Story Adventure is fairly consistent and the Ooks that they produce are some of our favourites! The children are first and foremost asked to choose the expression of the Ook that is going on this journey. The expression of the Ook sets the tone for the adventure and is very important! They are given the option between two faces/moods and asked to vote for their favourite by circling or commenting on the image. The initial canvas they are given is relatively bare which reinforces the idea that the kids are the storytellers of this Ook’s quest!




After the expression has been chosen, the Ook journeys to one of the many weird and wonderful locations in Ook World; we make these  locations as diverse as we can so they appeal to a wider scope of kids! The locations can range from the delicious Bubblegum Pop Lake to the gross Swamp of Snot and and the chosen location boils down to what the children are thinking and how they see the Ook’s journey progressing!


No Story Adventure is complete without the Ook coming across something crazy! This can range from a familiar Ook to a bizarre creature. The kids always have fun picking this part of the story and guessing how it will appear on the Ook’s design; plus it’s always nice to give them a companion so their journey isn’t so lonely!




It would be a pretty boring story if the Ook didn’t get up to something! Choosing an action is the next stage in our Story Adventures- these actions vary from being fairly ordinary (like fishing!) to just plain random (like parachuting from a plane on the back of a bull called Britney!).


What’s a story without a twist? Story Adventures are all about teaching kids the structure and format of a quality tale and a twist is essential to a good story! The Ook may be attacked by ice-screams, find a mysterious box, or form a band and hold a concert; the most important thing is that the children decide! These stages are actively involving the children in the building of a story character and their surroundings. They are deciding what they do, who they meet and where they are going!


As the story starts to come to an end, the Ook is visually much more detailed and studded with the ‘storystuff’ the children have chosen! The final choice is usually a resolution or a definite ending to the tale. Again, this is teaching them how a good narrative is structured and emphasising the importance of a clear ending. Children can typically decide if the Ook is rescued, finds a cool object or meets a friend.


The finished Ook that the kids played a crucial role in constructing is then presented to them. There are elements to this character that represent the choices the children made and the story-path this Ook took because of their input. We ask for the kids’ help in coming up with a name for our new addition which always results in a plethora of amazing suggestions and ideas. The Ook is then introduced to the Ook world and is often featured in subsequent posts and activities!


The following are a few of the many Story Adventure Ooks the kids have helped create and name!


spicy icy

Spicy-Icy OOK is a real character! Only in the Ook World could such a spicy dessert look so good!



ookchuteOOKchute’s fitting name comes from the awesome parachute he acquired on his story adventure. Everything from his surprised expression to his crazy batwings were chosen by the Ooksters!



11b14f4e-d805-482a-a640-86063351f77cThis born-performer is a more recent addition to the Story Adventure family! PopstarOOK’s storystuff makes her shine both on and off stage and was such fun Ook to create with the Ooksters!

Thanks for reading! Niamh