2017 – The Year of OOKS

02 Feb 2017

Hello friends,

It’s been quite a while since we’ve posted but we’re back to keep you in the loop of what’s happening here at Zulleon! Over the last few months we have been focusing all of our attention into perfecting the OOKS virtual world; ensuring it is ultra-personalised for each child, testing the animation, writing and re-writing more story adventures and outcomes, perfecting the layout of the book, honing our characters…. the list goes on! We want this offering to be a truly unique and empowering experience for each and every child. We strive for excellence and so ensuring every element of our product is absolutely and utterly perfect is very important to us.  Of course applying this high standard impacts on our timeline to rollout but we know the wait will be worth it – for us and for you but most importantly for your child. An example of how we apply those standards is reflected in our philosophy of never second-guessing what children want.  We don’t just build for children, we build with children. Following through on that philosophy we will shortly be holding more playtesting sessions with some kids to test out different features of the app and hear their thoughts and ideas. If your little one would like to get involved and become a playtester, please get in touch on Facebook or Twitter or send us a good old-fashioned email from the contact form! 

In the meantime, we’ve been experimenting with lots more material on PopJam where we have watched our follower base grow to almost 50,000. There’s no end to the imagination and creativity of children once given a little nudge and a platform to express it. PopJam has also allowed us to give the kids a sneak preview of what OOKS are all about and we feel pretty lucky to be able to experience this excitement and buzz before the brand is even launched! Check out some of our latest posts below.



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The OOKS HQ website is a portal for parents to learn about everything Ooks related. Hear exactly what drives our thinking and how we paved the way to developing the Ooks brand, download printable games for your little ones, see animation snippets of the digital world and real world book examples, sign up to Ooks News and lots more!  Through OOKS HQ we will work with you, the parents and guardians to provide the keys that will unlock and nurture your child’s imagination, creativity and brilliance.

We’re also in the process of making kids YouTube videos! Our channel is going to have lots of fun and interactive content. We’ll be running exciting competitions and doing awesome giveaways for your kids. It will be ready to rock with the website before the end of the week! Keep an eye on our social channels. Follow the OOKS Adventure on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Thanks for bearing with us while we create the most innovative and exciting play experience possible for your child. We can’t wait to release it and finally see the fruits of our efforts reflected in the enjoyment  and excitement on the faces of children when they play. Please contact us if you have any questions about the impending release. Your voice as a parent is not only important to us but something that we truly value. Oh and don’t be shy, we are open to chatting at any time.