What’s the story with StoryStuff?

16 Feb 2017

Hi all!

Thanks for joining us again on the Zulleon blog!

We recently ventured into the world of YouTube and uploaded our first video. Seeing as ‘StoryStuff’ is such a huge part of the OOKS brand we felt it necessary to show you the process of how an OOK’s StoryStuff is created. And what exactly does this term ‘StoryStuff’ mean, you might ask? Let us explain!

First, think of your life as a story! Now think of yourself as a living embodiment of this story. As you traveled through the story of your life everyone you ever met, every decision you ever made, every action you ever decided to take and all of the resulting outcomes when combined is your StoryStuff. Your StoryStuff created your personality and shaped the person you are today!

Well in OOKS World, it’s the very same, well… almost! You see in OOKS World, OOKS (the crazy little characters who live here) are also shaped by StoryStuff. But the big difference in this bonkers and wacky world is that, quite literally, an Ooks StoryStuff not only shapes the personality of the OOK it also shapes their physical appearance. The resulting  personality and appearance of the OOK is so spectacular that you cannot mistake these guys and their incredible StoryStuff. Believe me! This transformation takes place over the course of a single story adventure. OOKS are all so incredibly unique that each one stands out in their own beautiful way. Just like the StoryStuff of your child, your Mother, your friend – and even like that of the guy who sold you that coffee this morning or the old woman you passed rambling down the street. Each and every one of us is made up of StoryStuff and it’s what makes us unique and perfect in our own funny little way. We have ‘OOKIFIED’ lots of our PopJam fans – the images below show how our artists depicted their StoryStuff!



So what about you? What’s your StoryStuff?

Have a look at the video to see how my very own OOK was made. Oh, and I had no choice about the bloopers! Be nice guys….

Chat soon,